About ME

Welcome! I would love to share a little bit of my story with you. I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ and now live in Gilbert with my amazing husband, Casey and our three kids. I work as an essential oil distributer, food stylist, blogger, and wellness advocate. I also have a passion for design, photography, and video! When I am not exploring my many passions or doing typical Mom stuff, I am in the kitchen cooking!

Food and cooking have always been a passion of mine. Growing up I loved helping my mom in the kitchen. While my brother and sister were watching their favorite sitcoms, I was always tuned into the Food Network. In high school and college I would cook meals for my friends and roommates. Now, as a wife and mom I enjoy making healthy meals for my family.

In 2014, my health hit an all time low and doctor after doctor wanted to put me on medications without looking at what was causing the symptoms. That's when I found a naturopathic doctor and everything changed. I began cleansing on a strict Whole30 like diet along with different detoxing herbal supplements. Within a few weeks almost all of the symptoms that were heavily effecting my life were gone. It has been since then that our whole family has made changes to what we eat and how we care for our bodies. We follow a Paleo diet most of the time, however sometimes our meals are simply gluten and dairy free. Other times we splurge a little and remember that sometimes experiencing life with others involves giving ourselves a little grace to enjoy certain foods! 

My eyes have been opened to how our food is directly related to our health and I am excited to continue to learn more. I am also on a journey to remove toxins from our home, that are unfortunately in so many of the products that are used on a daily basis. Sharing about this lifestyle brings me great joy and I am passionate about helping others discover the positive changes it can have in their lives as well!