10 Paleo Kids Snacks

10 healthy snacks for kids.jpg

I know I can’t have the only kids that come home from school starving and ready to eat anything in sight! I try to keep them from snacking out of the pantry and give them a healthy option, and if I can make it fun and unique then that’s even better!

We are usually headed out after school to sports practices, so I also love to get them a snack that offers some protein with lots of good vitamins and minerals! This also helps them to have a better appetite for dinner!

Here are 10 healthy snack ideas for kids:

  1. Banana Sushi

    The topping options are endless, but some ideas are: dark chocolate, seeds, nuts, unsweetened coconut flakes, cinnamon, raisins, sun butter, or nut butter. Roll or sprinkle the toppings on a peeled banana and slice.

  2. Apple Sandwich

    Remove the core of the apple and slice into rings. Spread and apple ring with sun butter or a nut butter. Add any other toppings desired and top with another apple ring. We love using green apples, as they are lower in sugar than other varieties. Don’t feel like making into sandwiches? No problem, just slice them up and sprinkle with cinnamon and serve with a side of sun butter for dipping!

  3. Avocado Toast

    Toast a piece of gluten free bread. Top with avocado slices, hard boiled egg slices, a drizzle of evoo, and sea salt. Another option is to top the toast with some chicken or tuna salad first, then add toppings. Make of sweet potato slices for paleo or whole30.

  4. Veggie Loaded Muffins

    I love making gluten free or paleo muffins that are full of veggies. Some of my favorite recipes are from The Natural Nurturer.

  5. Smoothies

    Smoothies are a perfect quick and healthy snack to throw together. We use a dairy free base like coconut water or milk. Always add in some greens like spinach or kale. And when adding in fruit I like to go for the berries because they have more health benefits and are lower in sugar than other fruit.

  6. Classic Veggies and Dip

    If I have them cut up and ready my kids will eat them up! You can always have some fun slicing them in fun different ways or with cookie cutters. We typically serve with a whole30 ranch, you can find our ranch recipe HERE.

  7. Homemade Trail Mix

    We like to mix up a nut free trail mix of: sunflower seeds, dairy-free chocolate chips, gluten free pretzel sticks, and raisins. (leave out the pretzel sticks for paleo)

  8. Chia Seed Pudding

    You can have some fun with this one… change up the flavor, add fun toppings, turn it into a parfait! You can find my recipe HERE.

  9. Green Juice

    This you can serve up with another snack, and feel great about all the veggies your kids are drinking down! Our favorite green juice recipe is HERE. If your kids are sensitive to a little spice you can eliminate the ginger from the recipe.

  10. Chips and Guac

    Who doesn’t love a bowl of fresh guacamole? And for a healthier chip option you can make up some homemade baked plantain chips, recipe HERE.