Backyard Fairy Party

Fairy Birthday Party.png

Piper loved celebrating with all of her friends by wearing fairy wings, playing games, making fairy gardens, and eating fun fairy food! I love when my kiddos have an idea for their birthday party and I get to help them be creative and make it come to life! Piper helped by picking out decorations, making fun food, and preparing for the fairy gardens. You can read and check out more of the party details below!

Barbie Fairy Cake.JPG

Piper had been asking for a Barbie cake for a while, and we finally made those dreams come true this year! You can find lots of Barbie cake tutorials online. We added some wings by bending wire in the shape of wings, then covering it in pink tulle and added some rhinestones.

fairy party.JPG

As all of the girls arrived they were given a pair of fairy wings. We picked up a variety of colors from the dollar store, along with some other supplies for a fairy treasure hunt. While we waited for everyone to arrive the girls colored pictures of Tinker bell.

Next we did the fairy treasure hunt, and I had my oldest son read the clues and lead the girls on the adventure around the backyard. I found the clues and ideas for that HERE. After they finished finding their treasures, they gathered around to make fairy gardens.

fairy garden party.JPG

I found plastic bowls, dirts, moss, sand, rocks, and glitter (aka pixie dust) all at the dollar store! Each girl had their name written on a rock in a garden so we could remember who made which one when it was time to go. I also had some mini fairy garden animals and accessories for them to add to their gardens that I found HERE. Once they finished decorating their gardens they sprinkled alyssum seeds into they dirt and watered their gardens with spray bottles.

fairy party activities.JPG
fairy party games.jpg

We played a few different games during the party. Since we had so many little ones we split them into two groups so half could play “pin the wand on the fairy” while the other half of the girls played “fairy, fairy, tinker bell”. For pin the wand on the fairy, I had a simple fairy graphic printed as an architecture sized print, which cost around $5. The girls then had to stick large star stickers onto the end of the fairy’s wand while wearing a unicorn blindfold. For the fair, fairy tinker bell game the girls made a circle and each held their fairy wand that they found in the treasure hunt. You play just like duck, duck, goose, only you tap each persons head gently with the fairy wand instead of your hand and say “fairy, fairy, tinker bell.” We also had all of the girls play freeze dance.

fairy party food.JPG
fairy party food ideas.JPG

When it came to food we had a pixie punch that I made using Zevia lemon lime soda and sparkling strawberry lemonade from Sprouts. I then added strawberry slices on top. We also served fairy fruit wands, raspberry toadstools (made with mini marshmallows), veggies, ladybugs (made from babybel cheese and black olives), gluten free pretzels (aka twigs), and flower cupcakes.

fairy party photo booth.JPG

We used a spot along our backyard wall for the girls to take pictures with their fairy wings during the party. We added some paper butterflies to the wall that I found HERE. Then we made 3 toadstools using coco liners, pvc pipe, felt circles, spray paint, and hot glue. You can find the letterboard HERE, there are always so many fun ways to use them!

Fairy Toadstool mushrooms DIY.PNG