Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake.png

The last few years we have started a tradition of making a birthday cake for Jesus for Christmas. If you don’t already know, cake decorating is one of my past creative outlets. I took the Wilton cake decoration classes at Michael’s and began making cakes for friends and family. I then began taking on more orders and I was selling cakes for a short while. Turns out baking cakes and decorating them is VERY time consuming and stressful, especially when you have little ones running around the house. So the cake decorating as a job was short lived, but I still love making cakes every once in a while!

I love this new tradition that we started, I am all about celebrating birthdays and love decorating cakes! So it only feels natural to combine these passions to celebrate the greatest birthday of all! The kids love it too. I know we only have so many years left with their excitement for traditions like these. So we are going to cherish them for all the chances we get!

happy birthday jesus.JPG

We make the cake, decorate it different each year, put candles in it, and sing happy birthday to Jesus with our family gathered around! I want to continue to incorporate traditions with our kids that help them to understand the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate. What are your favorite Christmas traditions in your family?

winter cake trees.JPG

This is a gluten free yellow cake filled with a strawberry coconut cream mousse, and frosted with a vanilla buttercream frosting. The inspiration for the cake design came from Wilton Cakes.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! XO