Essential Oil Starter Kit Recipes

Essential Oils Starter Kit Recipes Young Living.png

If you recently purchased a Young Living premium starter kit and are looking for recipes to diffuse and mix into roller bottles then I have you covered! All of the recipes that I share below can me made using the oils from the starter kit!

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Diffusing the oils is a great way to disperse the benefits of the oils into the air and throughout your home. Your diffuser can take the place of chemical filled fragrance items such as air fresheners and candles. Your home will smell great and you will also be gaining the health benefits of the oils that you decide to diffuse!

Research shows that the pure constituents in therapeutic-grade essential oils stimulate olfactory receptors and activate regions of the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, and consciousness. Simply inhaling a certain oil can ease daily stressors and emotional ups and downs.


REFRESH: 3 Stress Away + 2 Lemon

IMMUNITY: 4 Thieves + 2 Citrus Fresh

WAKE UP: 3 Lemon + 2 Peppermint

SWEET DREAMS: 3 Frankincense + 2 Lavender

JOYFUL: 4 Citrus Fresh + 2 Lavender

BREATHE: 4 Raven + 3 Peppermint or Copaiba

SPA: 3 Panaway + 1 Lavender

SEASONAL: 2 Lavender + 2 Peppermint + 2 Lemon

One of my favorite things to do with the oils is to make pre-diluted roller bottle blends. They are perfect for keeping by your bed, in your purse, or ready to use in your home. I find that if I have all of my favorite blends already mixed and labeled in roller bottles, I am much more likely to use them in the moment when they’re needed! If you need some glass roller bottles to make your blends you can find some HERE.

These recipes are for 10 ml roller bottles. First add the drops of essential oil, then fill to the top with a carrier oil. Roll onto the bottoms of feet, wrists or down the back on the neck. Certain oils can be applied to specific locations of the body. For example a blend made to support digestion can be applied directly onto the belly, and a blend to support sore muscles should be massaged into those specific muscles.


MUSCLES + JOINTS: 10 Panaway + 10 Peppermint + 10 Copaiba

IMMUNE BOOST: 10 Thieves + 10 Lemon + 10 Frankincense

OPEN AIRWAYS: 15 Raven + 5 Peppermint

SLEEPY TIME: 10 Frankincense + 8 Stress Away + 5 Lavender

SLEEPY TIME FOR KIDS: 10 Lavender + 5 Peace and Calming + 5 Valor

TUMMY BLEND: 10 Digize + 5 Frankincense + 5 Peppermint or Copaiba

SEASONAL SNIFFLES: 10 Lavender + 10 Lemon + 10 Peppermint

CALMING: 10 Stress Away + 5 Lavender + 5 Valor

If you are interested in learning more about the essential oils or getting started you can visit the Oils tab at the top of the page or click HERE. I would love to assist you in getting started and continue to offer support along the way!