Top Toxin-Free Cookware & Bakeware

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As I have been making changes to my diet to clean up what I am putting in my body, I also look more closely at the items in our home. Today I wanted to share with all of you some safe cookware options. If you’re making the effort to eat clean, purchase organic, and avoid processed foods then you will also want to go the extra step to make sure what you’re cooking your food with is safe for your health as well!

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First lets look at some cookware materials that your should avoid using in your kitchen. So many popular cooking items are non-stick, which is made with Teflon. Also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) it is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that has numerous applications. When teflon begins breaking down it releases toxic fumes into the air. Another material to avoid using is your cookware is Aluminum. Although Aluminum naturally occurs in our environment, studies have shown it to be toxic at certain levels. Linking it to Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and neurological problems. So now that you know what to avoid, here are five safe materials that you can use in your kitchen to avoid toxins.

Safe Materials for Cooking & Baking

1. Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware is not only a safe chemical free option, but it can give the additional benefit of adding iron to your diet. When cooking with cast iron cookware iron actually leaches into the food you’re cooking. Another benefit of using cast iron is that you can use it on the stovetop and in the oven. I love making frittatas in my cast iron skillet, you can find my recipe HERE. Many cast iron cookware products have an enamel finish, which is also safe and can add some color. If you keep your pan well seasoned it will naturally have a non-stick surface. You also have to avoid using soaps with cast iron pans. HERE are instructions for keeping your pans seasoned.

2. Stoneware

I have purchased my stoneware from Pampered Chef, however there are other brands that carry them. Similar to the cast iron cookware you can’t use soap for cleaning. I have a pizza stone and baking stone that I love using for making homemade pizzas and cookies. Stoneware offers a variety of bakeware options.

3. Glass

Glass cookware is a great option for replacing chemical filled non-stick pans. I prefer not to use glassware for stovetop cooking, although it is available. It has the disadvantage of being very fragile. Glass containers are also great for replacing plastic food storage containers.

4. Ceramic

Ceramic is another safe option, however you still need to be careful with selecting a safe brand. I have linked one below that has shown to not leach any chemicals into your food. The disadvantage to using ceramic is that it is also very fragile and can break easily like glass.

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another good option, however there are concerns with nickel leaching into food. The likelihood of this happening increases with higher cooking temperature and cooking with acidic food such as tomatoes. This option is better than non-stick and aluminum, however I would recommend the other materials above if you’re looking to make an investment in something new.

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Shop Recommended Brands

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If you would like cast iron cookware with a beautiful enamel finish on the outside Le Creuset has some really beautiful options. They come in a variety of color options, however my favorite is the white!

Le Creuset 7 1/4 Qt. Round Dutch Oven

Le Creuset 10.25” Cast Iron Skillet

Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet Grill


Pampered Chef Stoneware Starter Set


3 Piece Glass Pan Set

2 Piece Glass Deep Pie Plate


Xtrema Ceramic 1 Qt. Sauce Pot with Lid

Xtreme 10 Cup Ceramic Tea Pot