Silver Creek Project - Before & After

home exterior gray and white.JPG

This was our personal home that we poured ourselves into for four years with endless projects and renovations. Throughout that journey Casey and I realized many times, that we were in over our heads. While I love design and bringing new life to spaces, this project became such an ongoing one, that it began to bring more stress than good. When we purchased the home we imagined entertaining family and friends in the large yard, planting gardens to grow our own vegetables, and enjoying all the beautiful spaces that the home and property had to offer. Many of those things did happen while we lived there; we hosted many great parties, enjoyed special moments with family and friends, picked and ate the fresh fruits from trees and bushes, and created so many beautiful memories! However, those years were also some of our most difficult ones. Casey's career was often unclear at times, which resulted in long hours of hard and stressful work. The home was constantly demanding our attention with the yard work, repairs, and unfinished projects. Our three kids were young and at a precious, but time demanding phase. The home was also in horrific condition when we purchased it... not sure what we were thinking! That just made the remodel process even more difficult and also resulted in many on going issues until we were able to fully complete the renovation!

When we made the decision to complete our remodel process so that we could sell our home, it was one that even though difficult, we had so much peace about. When I look back at this home I am continually confirmed that we made the right decision for our family. It was difficult to let go of our dream for that property, but so easy in many other ways. We down sized to a smaller home, smaller lot, a new build property that is under warranty, and we quickly realized that we are new house people! I still love the idea of living on a big property with land, gardens, and animals. But that wasn't the right fit for our family in that season of life, and that may never change. There are some things I miss about our home, but mostly it's just the memories that were made, and those I am so thankful for. 

I don't say all of this to complain, but to share a piece of our story. So that when you see the before and after pictures you know what it took, the sacrifices, the motivation, the stress, the reality behind the images. So please enjoy these shocking before and after images (the home was a foreclosure property when we purchased it). :)

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kitchen before and after .JPG
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bathroom before and after.JPG
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All After Photos Are Taken By: Rennai Hoefer