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I often hear from many of you that you wish you could cook healthy meals like the ones I share, or you wish someone would come cook for you! Well, I may have a solution for some of you! I have partnered with Sun Basket and spent this last week preparing and testing out their meal plan service. In this post I will share with you the things that I love about Sun Basket. I only partner or promote businesses that I believe in! (As an affiliate I am compensated for sales that I drive to their website. )

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Sun Basket is a subscription meal delivery service that ships members fresh organic ingredients and recipes every month, allowing you to cook your own meals without the work of meal planning and grocery shopping! There are several things that I love about Sun Basket!

First, they offer a variety of recipe options every week which include meals that are compliant with the following diets: paleo, vegetarian, vegan, lean & clean, gluten free, carb-conscious, dairy- free, soy-free, diabetes friendly, and mediterranean.

Second, their produce is organic, seafood is sustainably sourced, and meats are all antibiotic and hormone free! They also use recyclable and compostable packaging!

Organic Protein Crunch Salad - Gluten-Free | Vegetarian | Dairy-Free | Soy-Free  Mixed greens with puffed quinoa, riced cauliflower, dried blueberries, and walnuts.

Organic Protein Crunch Salad - Gluten-Free | Vegetarian | Dairy-Free | Soy-Free

Mixed greens with puffed quinoa, riced cauliflower, dried blueberries, and walnuts.

You have the flexibility to choose 2, 3, or 4 recipes each week and if you would like them to feed 2 or 4 people. Another really great feature is that you can add salads onto your meals! They additionally offer healthy snacks, sauces, and wines that can be purchased with meals. I found when preparing the meals for 2 people that there was always plenty of food and even some leftover! The salads made enough to serve 2-4 or possibly even more depending on how much salad your family eats. Many of the meals also give you the option to choose your choice of seafood and cut of meat in the recipe.

Right now Sun Basket is offering a promotion for $80 OFF! $35 off your first box, $25 off your second box, and $20 off of your third box! You can read more HERE.

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As someone that is always cooking healthy meals, I still found this subscription to be fun and enjoyable! All of the recipes were new and interesting! It allowed for us to enjoy new ingredients and everyone loved all of the meals we made! When you receive your box each recipe is packaged together and clearly labeled making preparing each meal simple and easy!

With each box you also receive a recipe book with all of the recipes for the month. Another little thing I loved in the book was that they offer tips to make each meal leaner, chef recommendations for easier cooking, and a list of ways kids can help out with each recipe!

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I really love that Sun Basket is encouraging kids to get involved in the kitchen! I always find that when one of my kids helps out with preparing a meal, they are much more likely to eat it without any complaints. Once they have contributed to making it, they have a sense of pride and are more interested in eating what they have created. This is a great way to encourage picky eaters to try new things!

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As you can see all of the Sun Basket meals we made were healthy, unique and delicious! I truly enjoyed the experience of preparing and eating these wonderful meals!